Rapper Kanye West and President-elect Donald Trump met at Trump Tower on Tuesday to discuss "life," Trump said.

"[We're] just friends, just friends. He's a good man. Long time. Friends for a long time," Trump told reporters while posing for photos in the lobby with Kanye. The rapper stood with his arms folded and declined to answer questions about whether or not the meeting was related to the inauguration performance. 

"I just wanna take a picture right now," he said. The two exchanged a friendly handshake and hug before parting ways. In November, Kanye declared his support for Trump during a concert in San Jose, California.

Kanye dropped by shortly after Trump announced a potentially controversial Cabinet pick: Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Tillerson, the chief executive of Exxon Mobil, has close ties to the Russian government. Some Twitter users believe Kanye’s visit served as a distraction from the news.

What was Kanye really doing at Trump Tower? Here's what Twitter thinks: