“Saturday Night Live” has spent a fair amount of time savaging Kellyanne Conway, dating back to her days on the campaign trail to the present in the White House. But the counselor to the president — unlike her boss — doesn’t appear too bothered by the “SNL” skits depicting her.

Chatting with paparazzi as she walked through a Washington, D.C., airport Monday, the 50-year-old admits she thinks Kate McKinnon’s impression of her is “charming — especially Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Day Off,’ ” referencing a sketch from October 2016, when she worked as Trump’s campaign manager.

The pap also asked Conway if she’d ever appear as a guest on the NBC sketch show. “I never answer hypothetical questions,” she responded.

Footage of the exchange was posted online by TMZ.

McKinnon has produced a handful of infamous Conway “bits” since the political strategist took to the spotlight, most recently appearing around the “SNL” set mimicking Conway’s highly-criticized couch pose, in which she sat with her feet on an Oval Office sofa back in February.