Dina Lohan, the Merrick-based mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, denies having spoken with the celebrity-news site TMZ.com for its story Wednesday headlined “Dina Lohan Claims Lindsay’s Not Pregnant.”

While confirming to Newsday that, “Lindsey is not pregnant, as some in the press have been erroneously reporting she is,” Dina, 53, declared, “The whole article was fabricated — there is no quote from me,” adding: “I’ve not spoken with TMZ about my daughter’s present situation. What was written did not come from me. It’s just bizarre that they would do something like that. It’s evil.”

TMZ, which did not immediately respond to a Newsday request for comment, said Dina Lohan had said Lindsay, 30, had been distraught over a highly public argument with fiance Egor Tarabasov and, so, said she was pregnant. In actuality, Lindsay Lohan made no definitive announcement but rather, in a since-deleted July 23 tweet, wrote jocularly: “labour pains trailer — I am pregnant!!” and linked to a page showing a still from her 2009 romantic comedy “Labor Pains,” about a woman who pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid losing her job.

Dina Lohan also confirmed to Newsday that the widely circulated video of a couple arguing at about 5 a.m. on July 23, indeed depicts her daughter and Tarabasov. “I’m just glad she’s safe and out of an escalating abusive relationship,” Dina Lohan said. As for the future, “I don’t have a crystal ball. I hope he gets help for his anger.”

She added, “My poor daughter. That’s a whole issue, and it’s my issue, having been a victim of abuse.”

For now, Dina Lohan says her daughter — who most recently was photographed vacationing with friends on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia — “is taking time for herself right now and giving herself time to heal. I FaceTime with her every day.”