As it turns out, Lorde is a closet onion ring critic. 

The singer-turned-foodie admitted she was the mastermind behind the now-deleted Instagram, @onionringsworldwide, on the "Tonight Show" Thursday. Bareburger NYC was among the four locations with rings put to the taste test. 

Dedicated to reviewing onion rings from various restaurants across the country, fans on social media began to speculate whether or not the singer was behind the one-of-a-kind Instagram page after New Zealand-based site, Newshub, launched an investigation in February. Clues included reports that Lorde herself was one of the page's 24 followers. 

"Every onion ring I encounter, rated," the page's description read. 

So, how did Bareburger fare? Pretty well. She gave the burger joint, known for its organic meats, a 4 out of 5, according to screengrabs saved from the page by Newshub. The NYC chain scored the highest of those featured. 

"From Bareburger in New York City. Actually pretty good - thick, sweet white onion. Good flavour on the crumb. 4/5," the Instagram review read. 

Bareburger was pleased with the review. For the most part.

"When a secret-celebrity-onion-ring reviewer gives our rings 4 out of 5 we’re truly ecstatic but……. Lorde, whatta we have to do to get that fifth point? She should reconsider her career and come on board as our onion ring recipe developer full-time," EP Pelekanos, CEO and cofounder of Bareburger, said in an emailed statement.

Now that the account has been exposed, fake replicas have begun popping up on the social media site. But beware: Lorde isn't behind them. She told Kimmel she's hanging up her critic hat, at least for now. 

“It was fun for like five seconds, but I’m still going to, you know, keep eating onion rings. I think they’re underrated as well. I don’t think they get enough credit for how delicious they are,” Lorde said. 

With Adeja Crearer