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Mariah Carey taking social media break after New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square

Mariah Carey said she's taking a break from

Mariah Carey said she's taking a break from social media after her botched New Year's Eve performance in Times Square left her "mortified." Photo Credit: Getty Images

Mariah Carey’s botched New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square is still making headlines. What’s the star to do? Scale back on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

The singer published a video message to her Lambily (aka her devoted fan family) on her website on Sunday speaking out about the fiasco. 

“Listen, guys, they foiled me,” she said in an audio clip after explaining that she feels it wasn’t practical to expect a performer to sing live in the midst of thousands of screaming Times Square revelers -- “especially when their ear monitors were not working at all.”

Further stating that she feels the ordeal was taken as an opportunity to humiliate her, Carey said she’s decided to take a social media hiatus. 

“I’m gonna take a break from media moments, social media moments, although I am going to fulfill my professional obligations,” she said. After tweeting her video announcement, Carey sent out a promotional tweet for her reality show “Mariah’s World.”

Carey, who told Entertainment Weekly on Jan. 3 that the performance left her “mortified,” said she plans to release a more detailed explanation about what went down in the future. 

“I cannot deny that my feelings are hurt, but I’m working through this and I’m truly grateful for my fans and my true friends who have been so supportive in this time,” she said. 

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