Mischa Barton was hospitalized Thursday morning when police responded to her home after receiving a call about a disturbance, according to reports.

The actress, who rose to fame on the FOX drama series "The O.C.," was voluntarily transported to a hospital from her West Hollywood apartment, according to People.com, TMZ.com and other media outlets. TMZ.com reports Barton was hospitalized for a mental evaluation.

Barton, who turned 31 Tuesday, celebrated her birthday in Los Angeles with friends Wednesday night, according to People.com, which also sources a sergeant from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department who says Barton was “fully clothed” and “speaking in coherent statements" Thursday morning.

Conflicting reports on TMZ.com and elsewhere say Barton was hanging over her backyard fence wearing only a dress shirt and tie, and rambling bizarrely about her mother being a witch and the world shattering. Photos on TMZ's site appear to show her yelling over a fence. Her representative hasn't spoken about the incident.

In 2009, Barton was placed on an 5150 involuntary hold in a psychiatric ward after threatening to kill herself. Speaking about the "full-on breakdown" to People in 2013, the actress said she wasn't suicidal, but "depressed and overworked," and "under enormous pressure."