Rapper Nicki Minaj and her former longtime boyfriend, rapper Safaree Samuels, engaged in a war of words on Twitter over the weekend.

In tweets Minaj has since removed -- but which Vibe.com posted images of without time stamps on Dec. 20 -- the "Only" singer wrote: "Even when I try to protect ppl, they still try to take advantage of me. Haven't u learned that God is in control? Stop while you're ahead," adding, "Anything you don't appreciate will be taken, God sees your ungrateful evil soul. I gave and gave and gave. Threatening me? Blackmail? Jump."

She went on to write: "Wanted fame. I gave u my blessing. I still love. I still love. I still love," quoting lyrics from her song "Pills N Potions" from her new album "The Pinkprint." "I'll always love. So disappointed."

She revealed a possible motive for the vitriol with a subsequent tweet reading: "Told u it was the wrong move. I sheltered and protected you for years. Loyal for years. Come on. Selling vids? Cuz I'm happy now? Disgusting."

Samuels responded in more than a half-dozen tweets, saying, in part: "Speaking to some1 about pub and splits isnt blackmail. stop looking for pitty [sic] u handle your business why cant i ?"

Minaj afterward tweeted: "I'm sorry. My fans know this isn't me. Hate this. But I'm human. I do so much. Too much. No man would have stayed loyal in this game like me."