Less than a day after the gossip sites crowned “Suits” star Meghan Markle as Prince Harry’s new love interest, nameless “insiders” and well-placed “sources” have come out of the woodwork to spill the beans on the rumored royal relationship.

A “friend” confirmed the romance with People magazine Monday, noting that it’s “early days” between the 35-year-old American actress and 32-year-old British royal.

“Harry loves that she is so into philanthropy,” says a source over at Us Weekly. The insider, who claims the pair met in May and have been texting “daily” since June, added that “one of the first things they spoke about was her shelter dogs. He loves that she’s so caring.”

Over at the Evening Standard, a well-placed insider said the prince canceled a flight to Toronto to visit Markle on Sunday. The last-minute change of plans was made as headlines of the coupling emerged. “The crew for the British Airways flight knew the Prince was booked to travel with them ... [but] he was a no show,” the anonymous insider said.

Nobody with an actual name has commented on the relationship’s reality, yet.