Riley Keough on life as Elvis Presley’s granddaughter

Riley Keough is an acclaimed actress currently starring on the highly regarded TV series “The Girlfriend Experience” and in the movie “Logan Lucky,” out Friday.

If it can sometimes seem as if show business is in her blood, that’s because it is: She’s Lisa Marie Presley’s eldest child, one of Elvis Presley’s four grandchildren.

“I think I was always aware of it, because I was always around it,” Keough, 28, says of her awareness of the significance of her family, just days before the 40-year anniversary of her grandfather’s death on Wednesday. “I was always around paparazzi and people freaking out and kids asking me questions in school. I don’t remember not being aware of it.”

The connection she feels with her grandfather, she says, combines the enormity of his legacy with the love of a normal granddaughter.

“I have those familial feelings toward him. It’s not just some person, in the way that if you would grow up hearing about your grandfather a lot and watching videos, you’d be like, ‘That’s my grandfather.’ I’m also totally aware of his legacy and his life and all that kind of stuff . . . It’s a different feeling than any other song if I hear it, but I’m used to hearing it all the time.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article had an incorrect name of the movie starring Riley Keough. The correct name is “Logan Lucky.”

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