Zelda Fitzgerald is having a moment — or she will be very soon, it would appear — with multiple A-listers set to play history’s most famous flapper.

Jennifer Lawrence will depict the Jazz Age socialite and wife to F. Scott Fitzgerald in “Zelda,” which The Hollywood Reporter says Ron Howard is looking to direct.

Meanwhile, Scarlett Johansson has signed on to play the Jazz Age star in “The Beautiful and the Damned.” It’s being financed by Millennium Films, which is working with the Fitzgerald estate and will use previously unaccessed documents such as transcripts from Fitzgerald’s time spent in a sanitarium, according to THR. The transcripts reportedly document Fitzgerald’s claims that her husband stole her ideas for his own literary works. “She was massively ahead of her time, and she took a beating for it. He stole her ideas and put them in his books. The marriage was a co-dependency from hell with a Jazz Age soundtrack,” said Millennium’s Mark Gill.

As we wait for more production details to emerge for the two competing films, over on the small screen, Christina Ricci will portray Fitzgerald in “Z: The Beginning of Everything,” an Amazon Video series to be released in February.