Charlie Sheen's manager denied the bad-boy star went nuts with a knife during a dental visit.

TMZ reported the infamous 49-year-old actor was at a Los Angeles dental office last Thursday afternoon and allegedly attacked a dental technician as she tried to put a gas mask on him for the procedure. The technician told cops that Sheen brandished a knife, but the actor's manager Robert Maron, told amNewYork the story was fabricated.

"It's not like he's walking around Beverly Hills with a knife," he said.

Maron also refuted reports that Sheen was high on rock cocaine during the incident.

The LAPD couldn't be reached for comment but TMZ reported that they are investigating and want to speak with Sheen.

Maron said as of Thursday morning, the cops haven't gotten in touch with his client.

"Police haven't questioned him and they certainly know where he lives," he said.