Christine McVie to join Fleetwood Mac for reunion tour

This is the first time she’ll sing with the band since 1998.

As Fleetwood Mac once sang in “As Long as You Follow”: “I’ve been dreaming … Can’t believe that you’re back again.”

That’s right, the rumours are true: Christine McVie is joining Fleetwood Mac again for a reunion tour, the first time she will sing with the band again since quitting in 1998.

Fleetwood Mac announced McVie’s return Tuesday on the “Today” show. The tour will begin on September 30 in Minneapolis, and the five signature members may even release an album.

McVie told Carson Daly that she quit in the first place because she had a fear of flying, but she joined the rest of the band onstage last year in London during a concert to sing “Don’t Stop.”

“Walking out on stage was phenomenal,” she said. Her ex-husband John McVie agreed, saying “I had to get the Kleenex out.”

The group also reminisced about one of their signature hits, “Landslide.”

“That was written at a time when there had been a breach in trust, probably from both sides,” said Lindsey Buckingham. “And, you know, we were still together. But it was one of the first things that kind of heralded the beginning of the end of our relationship.”

In fact, Stevie Nicks told Rolling Stone last year that there was “more of a chance of an asteroid hitting the Earth” than Christine McVie returning to the band.

John McVie, who was diagnosed with cancer last year, said he is “getting better” and undergoing chemo. “I’m out and about,” he said.”

The group spent March working on new songs, according to Rolling Stone.

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