Colbert gears up for Trump’s ‘Dishonest Media Awards’ with Times Square billboard

“Nothing gives you more credibility than Donald Trump calling you a liar.”

Stephen Colbert took out a billboard for Trump’s “Dishonest Media Awards” in “failing” Times Square, he revealed on “The Late Show” Wednesday night.

After Trump tweeted he’d be announcing his own awards for “bad reporting in various categories of Fake News Media,” the late-night host decided to make sure his show was in the running.

Colbert said he’s “so excited” for the event that he’s even nicknamed it the “Fakies.” To make sure he’s in the running, he took out an advertisement in the middle of Times Square to vouch for the integrity, or lack thereof, of his show.

“Nothing gives you more credibility than Donald Trump calling you a liar and I, of course, don’t wanna get snubbed,” Colbert said. “That’s why tonight, and this is true, I’ve placed a billboard in Times Square — the ‘failing’ New York Times Square — and purchased a full-page on my Twitter feed with a ‘For Your Consideration’ ad.”

The advertisement enters “The Late Show” in the fictional categories of “best Chex mixing,” “smallest button,” “the Eric Trump memorial award for disappointment” and “fakest dishonesty.”

The black-and-white ad is lined with negative quotes about Colbert, including a reference to the #FireColbert hashtag that buzzed on the internet last May after he made a joke about the president and Vladimir Putin that some deemed “homophobic.”

Colbert has even been deemed to have “no talent” by the president himself, who bashed him in a May interview with TIME. “There’s nothing funny about what he says,” Trump said. “By the way, they were going to take him off television, then he started attacking me and he started doing better. But his show was dying.”

According to Trump’s Twitter, his “Dishonest Media Awards” will take place Monday at 5 p.m.

Meghan Giannotta