For Americans who somehow aren't getting enough unfiltered truth out of their government these days, Comedy Central may have the answer.

The network teased "The President Show" with a one-line, tweet-style press release on Thursday: "Late night TV is broken. A TOTAL DISASTER. I alone can fix it!" It's signed, simply, with a Twitter handle – @PresidentShow.

It was also tweeted from that account earlier on Thursday, following a jarring ad – designed to look like a hacking – that interrupted Wednesday's "The Daily Show." That feed, which shows up in Cyrillic in a Google search, claims it represents the "#1 show on television, many many millions of viewers. Hosted by @LateNightDonald."

The fictional host's account is so far much more active than that of the show, with musings such as the America-first non-sequitur, "Molotov cocktails should be made from American liquor! #MAGA" to critiques that could have come from the early morning commander-in-chief himself, such as, "Why does pathetic MSNBC keep putting sad Chris Matthews on air? Did he die and no one will move him?"

Audiences might not even have to sit through boring un-American commercials during the new show, since @LateNightDonald also tweeted, "Great meeting today with FCC about commercials. Too long and TOO LOUD! Just want to watch my shows!"

"The President Show" may be slotted after Trevor Noah's "Daily Show," but no formal announcement has been made. But if you have doubts about how great it will be, take it from the @LateNightDonald himself: "I'm going to be the most terrific, luxurious, fantastic late night show you've ever seen. It'll be Arsenio x10!"