It's been more than 20 years since Cracker's alt-rock album "Kerosene Hat," with the hit singles "Get Off This" and "Low," went platinum.

After a bunch of studio albums, live albums and side projects galore, the original crew that played on "Kerosene Hat" got back together for a tour through China.

Now back in the states, the co-founders of Cracker, David Lowery and Johnny Hickman, are about to unleash a very special unplugged performance of tunes from both Cracker and Cracker frontman Lowery's first band, Camper Van Beethoven.

amNewYork had a chance to chat with Cracker lead guitarist Hickman about the gig.

What can fans expect when Cracker unplugs?

First off, I should say it's not your traditional unplugged situation. David [Lowery] plays acoustic guitar while I play electric. It's the two of us yeah, but it's a Cracker show. And for the first time ever we've got Greg Lisher from Camper Van Beethoven. He and David will do some songs and I'm going to sit in with them probably on harmonica, do a little cross-pollination. So it's going to be an interesting show.

Do you have a formula down for this type of show?

The dynamics of it, yeah. We've got it honed into a pretty cool thing. Fans really appreciate it for a lot of reasons. For one it's very intimate. It's face-to-face. Fans will call out songs and we'll pull them out.

It's got to be exciting for fans to experience the songs they love in a different way, all over again.

Yeah, some of the versions of the songs are pretty close to the originals without bass and drums, but some of them, we change up with different tempos [or use] harmonicas on songs instead of guitar. Really change it up. It's a lot of fun.

What kind of set list can fans expect?

We'll bring in a couple songs from our different solo projects. We'll pull out songs from all nine of our albums. It's a very interesting fun way to represent Cracker ? and Camper Van Beethoven as well.

What’s next for Cracker?

Well, we’re working on two new records right now, maybe one, we haven’t decided yet. We’ve got enough for two records though and it’s probably going to be out in the Spring.

If you go: Cracker is at B.B. Kings Blues Club Friday at 8 p.m., 237 W. 42nd St., 212-997-4144, $27.