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Emmys 2014: amNewYork talks nominees, favorite moments of 2013-14 television

The 2014 Emmy Awards are here--but with television better than ever, it means there are some tough choices ahead.

As television biggest night approaches, the amNewYork staff discusses the nominees, the shows that were robbed--and their favorite moments of the 2013-14 television season.

Carcosa in everyday objects

Outstanding drama:
Photo Credit: HBO / Jim Bridges

Outstanding drama: "True Detective"

Never have I been so on edge watching a television show. Never has a television show literally haunted me. (Seriously I thought I saw Carcosa in everyday objects.)

Also Matthew McConaughey must be some kind of metaphysical genius to have dug so deep into the role of Rust Cohle. I mean- Matthew who??? Will he ever be cast in rom coms again?

Nope. -- Georgia Kral, assistant news and food editor

Not a comedy

Photo Credit: Netflix / JoJo Whilden

"Orange Is the New Black" being in the comedy category is, for me, the end of any Emmy dreams. While it certainly has comedic elements, the drama is the heart of the show. Putting the fantastic Kate Mulgrew in the same category as the hilarious Kate McKinnon on "SNL" or my spirit animal Anna Chlumsky in "Veep" is just wrong. And Taylor Schilling in the powerhouse lead actress in a comedy seems to be the definition of "out of their league" -- and if she took the amazing Mindy Kaling's place, that hurts my heart. I loved "OITNB" and had been rooting for it to sweep the Emmys before I knew it would be in the comedy category, but I can't get behind putting it up against some of the most funniest comedies and talented comediennes out there. If the Emmy voters wanted me to root against a show I loved, then bravo. -- Caroline Linton, news editor

Inequality fiction

Photo Credit: Carnival Films

"Downton Abbey" is the ultimate escapist entertainment. Why? It gratifies the desire of all poor viewers currently suffering in this economy to believe that the powerful, wealthy elites who control their destinies are benevolent, caring people who will go to great lengths to protect and reward them. It sets us up to believe that if we just work really hard for our bosses, no ill will befall us and our mighty efforts will be rewarded. Like I said – fiction.

In real life, it is doubtful that employers such as the sniffy, titled Granthams would go to great lengths and pay the legal bills to get Bates off on his unjust murder charge, accept an Irish revolutionary into their family or help a poor, unwed mother. But on "Downton," the rich use their money for good, are open to notions of social justice and show an interest in the personal lives of those who slave away on their behalf. Then there’s all that genius repartee, the reminder of words and substances such as gutta percha and costumes – lots and lots of pretty costumes that make us long for an earlier era in spite of knowing it was one of even greater inequality. -- Sheila Anne Feeney, reporter

Time is a flat circle?

I don’t own a TV, don’t really watch

I don’t own a TV, don’t really watch TV, don’t really care about TV…I saw "True Detective" but had no idea what was going on the whole time. -- Heather Senison, associate editor

Next year, Clone Club

HBO really brought a bazooka to a knife
Photo Credit: BBC America

HBO really brought a bazooka to a knife fight by putting "True Detective" in the drama category and not miniseries category. Those eight episodes were the most well written, directed and compelling TV I’ve seen all year and slightly edges out "Breaking Bad" in every category nominated. Anytime Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle came on screen, was a memorable moment and his “comeback” wouldn’t be complete without that Emmy.

The Emmy voters should have paid more attention to Tatiana Maslany in "Orphan Black." There was never one minute where I thought any of the characters she played repeated itself, and although credit does go to the visual effects guys for seamlessly editing her characters into one shot, the majority of that performance was her. She totally deserved the nomination and win. -- Ivan Pereira, reporter

'Breaking' is the one who knocks

Emmy voters have one final chance to honor
Photo Credit: Handout

Emmy voters have one final chance to honor "Breaking Bad," one of the great works of art ever produced for a filmed medium, and they ought to do it. It won the top prize last year. It's so 2013. I get it. The competition for best drama series is as tough as ever -- there's not an unworthy nominee, judging by the critical and audience response to each show. I get that too. But it'd be a major injustice to deny Vince Gilligan's spellbinding morality play, with its brilliant insights into human frailty and nary a wasted second over the course of five seasons. Heisenberg, needless to say, would not approve. -- Robert Levin, news editor

'It's the family name that lives on. It's all that lives on.'

No disrespect to the other nominated dramas I
Photo Credit: HBO

No disrespect to the other nominated dramas I watch, “Breaking Bad” and “True Detective,” but “Game of Thrones” is the best in the field, in my opinion. This season gave us memorable, at times shocking, moments on a weekly basis, with standout performances once again from Peter Dinklage. It’s a show brave enough to kill off key characters at the right times, even those who are still alive in the book series on which the show is based. If I had a say, “GoT” would take home Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Dinklage) and Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, but not necessarily Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (Lena Headey) or Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. I’d hand the latter to “Breaking Bad” for the episode “Ozymandias.” -- Scott Fontana, sports editor

Knope 2014

Here are my prayers to the Emmy gods:
Photo Credit: NBC

Here are my prayers to the Emmy gods: Please let this be the year Amy Poehler wins for “Parks and Recreation” (if nothing else, can we also get some more shenanigans during the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category?) Please give “SNL” breakout Kate McKinnon and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” Andre Braugher Emmys for their support nods in a comedy series; they both made their respective shows worth watching. Please give underdog “Silicon Valley” a shot at Outstanding Comedy Series; it was at turns hilarious, smart, biting and unpredictable. And can we finally put a stop to “Modern Family’s” dominance? Pretty please? -- Meredith Deliso, features and special sections editor


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