‘Friends’ obsession: Chinese man bases entire life off ‘Friends’

The Chinese Gunther runs a Central Perk in Beijing.

When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year, just start living your life like a TV show!

Gunther, of Beijing, China, started watching ‘Friends’ after his first love left him.

“They help me past really hard times,” the barista says in a new video documenting his lifelong obsession with the series. “It’s changed my life.”

Gunther, who runs a coffee shop called Central Perk, explains that he tries to treat his wife like Chandler treats Monica and he even taught his son, Joey, to say “How you doin’.” Impressive.

“These six people spent ten years to teach you how to love,” Gunther says of the series, comparing watching the show to believing in a religion.

Beijing’s Central Perk may look even more like the coffee shop on the show than New York’s pop-up last fall. Gunther collect memorabilia like ‘Baywatch’ — Joey’s favorite show — and a Lionel Richie album Chandler listened to when he broke up with Janice.

Waitresses named Rachel serve customers waching ‘Friends’ re-runs at Central Perk and according to Gunther, many have met their husbands in the cafe!

When he’s not at work, Gunther goes home to an apartment modeled after Chandler and Joey’s, accented with the iconic picture frame from Monica’s apartment that Gunther re-created himself.

“For me, I’m living in Friends. Of course I’m happy every day,” he says of his lived obsession.

You don’t need a time machine or even a Netflix subscription to re-live the decade of ‘Friends’ — just get a ticket to Beijing!

Melissa Kravitz