Film Forum revives the iconic documentary "Grey Gardens" Friday through March 12, offering a restored print. These are some reasons not to miss it:

Maysles brothers

The Maysles, Albert and the late David, are two of the most important documentarians in film history, innovators of direct cinema. This is one of their all-time classics.

Unforgettable personalities

The movie tells the story of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edie, cousins of Jackie Kennedy Onassis living in hermitic squalor in an East Hampton estate. Their relationship is fascinating, filled with deep love and barely disguised jealousies, and they're extremely candid subjects.

Americana in ruins

The movie endures in no small part because of the haunting sense of decline that permeates Edith and Edie's world.

A cultural landmark

The film's legacy is vast, inspiring a musical and a TV-movie adaptation while becoming a staple for parodies and providing perhaps the defining filmed portrait of recluse life.