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'Hamilton' parody 'Jeb! An American Disappointment' spoofs presidential campaign

In New York City, two subjects have reigned supreme over everything else for the past month or so: the presidential race and "Hamilton" the musical.

Now, the two have met.

In what can only be described as an artistic feat, 19 people on the Internet produced the "Hamilton" parody to end all parodies. It's called "Jeb! An American Disappointment," (see the full script: here) and the former Florida governor and ex-presidential hopeful Jeb Bush is the main character. The full-length, two-act script also features a supporting cast of characters including Donald Trump, Chris Christie and other important political figureheads.

Here are the best lines on the past and present presidential candidates from this year's election cycle:

Jeb Bush

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Sean Rayford

"I'm the next Bush up in line, but unlike my big Bro

I told the Ivies no and taught the kiddies down in Mexico

That's where I met a stunner, this biddie named Columba

Learned some Español, scored her numba, and from huh (her)

I have gained a really lovely wife, true love of my life

And with her assistance we'll win the Latino vote, right?"

Chris Christie

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Kayana Szymczak

"Braaah! Braahh! I am Governor Chris Christie

Up in it, lovin' it, runnin' the Garden State, New Jersey

Close down your bridges and Subways, delays

These days, the gays are ablaze, please pass the mayonnaise?"

Donald Trump

Photo Credit: Getty Images / John Moore

"While we're talking let me offer you some deal advice


Say dumb s---.

Don't let them know that you're a raging hypocrite."

John Kasich

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Andrew Burton

"So he governed the Florida government?

It's full of the dying, and dead and retired

and Jeb is likewise"

Bernie Sanders (on George W. Bush)

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Brett Carlsen

"He took our millennials from lame memes to dank memes

I hate to admit it but he didn't get enough memes

For all the memes he gave us"

Marco Rubio

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Rhona Wise

"My name is Marco

I'm a candidate

And I'm a little nervous cause I can't debate"

Hillary Clinton

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Timothy A. Clary

"Egos rise

Discourse falls

The Republicans have made their call

For the vote

Watch them run

They have torn each other into pieces

Jesus Christ, this will be fun!"


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