HBO’s ‘Girls’ finale leaves these questions to forever go unanswered

Warning: ‘Girls’ finale spoilers await.

“Goodbye Tour” was seemingly a farewell to HBO’s “Girls.” Hannah had outgrown New York City and the group had outgrown each other. It left us wondering what “Girls” could be without its iconic supporting character, Brooklyn. Only it wasn’t the finale.

For the show’s last hurrah, Lena Dunham gave us a one-episode glimpse on Sunday into what the series could look like if it hadn’t chosen to bid adieu after season six.

Spoiler: It looked an awful lot like what the modern-day “Full House” could be if it dropped the family-friendly focus and embraced an HBO audience. Hannah tried to raise her newborn baby, Grover, in upstate New York with the help of her best (and only) friend Marnie. They even watched an episode of the late-‘80s sitcom and discussed the Olsen twins just to confirm our suspicions. 

Jumping five months into the future, the finale also left us with plenty of unanswered questions. Here’s what we’ll be (forever?) left wondering.

Who cleans Hannah’s house?

Hannah went from a messy two-bedroom apartment (which she shared with Elijah) to a pretty big house upstate, with rooms she’s never even had to clean before. Does Dunham really expect us to believe Hannah picked up housecleaning in between complaining and trying to successfully breastfeed her child? 

Did Hannah’s choice in baby names have anything to do with “Sesame Street”? Twitter wants to know.

No. actually, it has everything to do with the baby’s father, Paul-Louis. When she calls him to tell him she’s pregnant in the seventh episode, he tells her a name he “always thought was cool for a boy” was Grover.

Where do they get their coffee? 

There’s not a Grumpy’s in sight. 

How many times can you really reinvent yourself in your 20s before it starts to seriously impact your future? Asking for a friend. 

Yes, Marnie is looking for a new career … again. This time: law school. 

Where’s Elijah?

This “Girls” is much darker without Elijah’s shining smile, but, hey, he did say he was not at all feeling the whole countryside house, job and baby thing Hannah was pushing. 

Will we too wake up one day and find we’ve completely outgrown NYC?

We’ll be sticking it out in Brooklyn with Elijah as long as physically possible. 

What happened with Shosh and Marnie?

We knew Shoshanna was totally over the girl group and happily planning her wedding, but last we saw Marnie was at least still invited to the engagement party. In the finale, Marnie revealed Shoshanna “literally despises all of us.”

Will Hannah reconnect with Paul-Louis? 

The homage to Grover’s dad in the finale has us wondering if Hannah left a door open for Paul-Louis to connect with his son sometime in the future. 

Meghan Giannotta