Here’s a look at how much it would cost Marvel’s NYC-based superheroes to live in their neighborhoods today

‘Captain America: Civil War’ new trailer
Captain America and fellow Avengers in Civil War. (File/Marvel Entertainment)

Have you ever wondered what it would cost for some of the greatest superheroes in the MCU (Marvel Comic Universe) to call New York City home nowadays?

The short answer to that question is a lot, but how much exactly?

amNewYork Metro complied only some of those heroes who have either distinct New York City addresses or neighborhoods in which they come home at night to take the tights off.

Here’s a look at what it would roughly cost Marvel Superheroes to live in their NYC neighborhoods today:

Captain America in Brooklyn Heights: $1,350,000 

75 Poplar Street in Brooklyn Heights.

In the comic books, Steve Rogers had resided at fictional 569 Leaman Place in Brooklyn Heights — a somewhat humble abode just near the Brooklyn Bridge in the 1960s.

While Leaman Place may not exist near the Brooklyn waterfront, a currently marketed two-bedroom unit near the bridge, at 75 Poplar St., has a going rate of $1,350,000.

Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village: $4,747,194

177 Bleecker Street.

When Doctor Stephen Strange became Sorcerer Supreme, he moved into 177A Bleecker St. with his beloved, Beyonce-fanatic roommate and fellow mystical arts master, Wong.

If you walk down Bleecker Street in the Village you might be disappointed to see that the supposed sanctum is just another mixed use building downtown. 

Back in 2012, the four-floored, four-unit 180 Bleecker Street reportedly sold for $4,225,000 — with inflation adjustments that’s about $4,747,194 today.

Spider-Man in Forest Hills Gardens: $1,525,000

20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills Gardens.

Could the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man even afford to live in his own neighborhood today?

Although the Tom Holland trilogy depicts the web-slinger living closer to Sunnyside and Astoria, in the comics, Peter Parker was said to reside at 20 Ingram Street in Forest Hills Gardens. 

That actual Olmsted-designed, four-bedroom home off Ascan Avenue in Queens reportedly sold for $1,525,000 back in 2017. 

Daredevil/Jessica Jones in Hell’s Kitchen: $450,000/$2,650

485 W. 46th Street in Hell’s Kitchen.

Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones differed a great deal in their quality of living. Daredevil’s loft style place that he owned was the envy of many New Yorkers, while Jones lived in a dingy little setup just trying to get by.

Although there aren’t many lofts available in Hell’s Kitchen, Murdock’s living situation is compatible with 857 Ninth Ave., which has one-bedroom units that go for $450,000.

As for Jessica, she lived at the actual 485 West 46th St., off 10th Avenue, also in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s anything but dingy: a one-bedroom at the nearby 448 West 46th St. is currently on the rental market for $2,650.

Luke Cage in Harlem (technically Washington Heights): $349,000 

La Dinastia at 4059 Broadway in Washington Heights. (Google)

The Chinese restaurant Genghis Connie’s and its upstairs apartment are fictitious, its filming location, the eatery on Broadway and 171st Street is real and where Cage would be living in our multiverse.

Technically north of Harlem in Washington Heights, a nearby co-op at 568 171st St. goes for $349,000 currently.