Highlights from the Museum of the Moving Image’s ongoing sci-fi series

Highlights from the ongoing sci-fi retrospective series.

There are few genres for which “See It Big” seems a more apt requirement than science fiction, so the Museum of the Moving Image’s ongoing retrospective series of that name — which runs weekends through July 13 — offers a valuable opportunity for city cinephiles.

This weekend finds screenings of Fritz Lang’s silent classic “Metropolis,” which offers one of the most indelible otherworldly visions in movie history, and the ’50s hit “Forbidden Planet.”

Later on this month, the museum offers big-screen showings of the original “Godzilla” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

There’s a James Cameron double feature on June 15, with “The Abyss,” which had groundbreaking effects but has been largely forgotten in the Cameron oevure followed by “Avatar.”

David Cronenberg’s astonishing “Videodrome” (1983) is another highlight. It’s an extraordinarily smart film imbued with advanced media philosophical ideas.

But, unquestionably, we’re most excited about the five 70 mm screenings of Stanley Kubrick’s landmark “2001: A Space Odyssey” in July.

If you go: “See It Big! Science Fiction (Part Two)” runs at the Museum of the Moving Image from Sat. through July 13. 36-01 35 Avenue, movingimage.us.

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