Hilaria Baldwin chats new lifestyle book ‘The Living Clearly Method’

“The Living Clearly Method” outlines Baldwin’s five principles to live by: perspective, breathing, grounding, balance and letting go.

Hilaria Baldwin would be the first to tell you she isn’t a writer. She’s the type of person who won’t use a laptop for three months. That’s because she’s busy teaching classes at her yoga studio, Yoga Vida, attending Hollywood events with her husband, Alec Baldwin, connecting with followers on Instagram, and, foremost, being a mom — she has three children ages three and under.

But Baldwin wanted to share her story. “The Living Clearly Method” ($25.99, out Dec. 27) dives into her own struggles with eating disorders, stress and injury, and it outlines five principles she’s developed, teaches and lives by: perspective, breathing, grounding, balance and letting go. The book also features yoga sequences and healthy recipes geared toward busybodies like herself.

amNewYork spoke with Baldwin about her new book.


How did you develop your method?

We all have issues — my issues are doing too much. I broke my hip all the way through from over-exercise. A lot of it was because I couldn’t stop myself — because it was my job, my job was movement, and if I wasn’t moving, then I wasn’t working. I wasn’t listening to my body as much as I was teaching other people to listen to their body. I knew I wanted to be a more put-together, healthy person, and it was something I was really thoughtful about and struggled with. I got to a place where these five principles worked for me. I got to a place where I had a healthy relationship with food and exercise and stress, then I could also use this method to help people with all different issues.


What was the writing process like?

The process of writing it was one of being very thoughtful, remembering, touching base with students I worked with before, asking if I could share some of their stories. But the process of writing a book is a difficult one — I’m not a writer. And it was something that I struggled with a lot, but I really enjoyed it. To have the book in front of me now, and touch the pages, it brings me a lot of joy.


How did the recipes come together?

That’s how I eat. The quinoa bowls — everything is about being efficient in my household. I have three kids three and under. Everything is get up and go. It’s about making everything as efficient and healthy and joyful as possible. I collaborated with one of my dear friends [Melissa Petitto] — she’s my culinary soulmate. She has such a knack for flavor and knowing how to make things healthier.


Celebrity lifestyle books have been popular lately. Kate Hudson’s comes to mind. What makes yours unique?

Having been thrown into a very different world so quickly — from working in the yoga world for so many years then being in a world where people are chasing you around with cameras — people think of you as the other. People think I’m eating golden cereal in the morning. Me living in a tiny apartment and working all the time in a yoga studio was like five minutes ago. I didn’t lose myself. I hope what people get from this book is, regardless of your life circumstances, regardless of the pursuit you’re working on, whether it’s eating or exercise or love, whatever it is, we’re all in it together. This is the how-to.


Did you time this to come out around the New Year?

It’s around Thanksgiving when things like self-help get abandoned. Like clockwork on Jan. 1 — everyone comes back [to the gym]. It was definitely intentional. I want this to help and affect as many people as possible. But hopefully they read it and come the next holiday season, they won’t forget about themselves so much. They can have a more balanced life.

Hilaria’s healthy go-tos

Hilaria Baldwin shares her everyday healthy essentials:

  • Coconut water: “I drink coconut water every single day, especially since the beginning of December marked that I’ve been either pregnant, breast-feeding or both for four years,” said Baldwin, who likes Taste Nirvana. “Staying hydrated is really important.”
  • Yoga pants: “You can always see me in my yoga pants. My husband’s code for me whenever we have to go out is either yoga pants or not,” said Baldwin, who likes Alo and Lululemon yoga pants. “It’s all about cozy comfort, because I’m running around after three kids all day.”

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