Jim Carrey shows up at exclusive New York Fashion Week party, calls event ‘meaningless’

New York Fashion Week is known to bring out the regulars: Anna Wintour in the audience, Bella and Gigi Hadid on the runway and Jim Carrey on the red carpet. Well, maybe not that last one.

The “Ace Ventura” actor, 55, was an unexpected guest at the exclusive Harper’s Bazaar Icons party during New York Fashion Week last weekend. Was he there because he’s just a big fan of fashion? Not so much.

“There’s no meaning to any of this,” Carrey told E! News reporter Catt Sadler while walking circles around her on the event’s red carpet. For an unexplained reason, he didn’t seem to want to stand still. “So, I wanted to find the most meaningless thing that I could come to and join and here I am. I mean you gotta admit, it’s completely meaningless.” OK …

The annual Icons party, held at the Plaza Hotel on Friday, celebrates some of the biggest names in the music, fashion and entertainment industries. This year’s roster, highlighted in the September issue of Harper’s, included singers Miranda Lambert and Dionne Warwick, model Karlie Kloss, actress/performer Courtney Love and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. The event was so exclusive, even the president’s daughter Tiffany Trump reportedly had some trouble snagging an invite.

But Carrey, who “doesn’t believe in icons,” said the event — and all of New York Fashion Week — was a snooze.

“Celebrating icons? Boy, that is just the lowest aiming possibility that we could come up with,” he said, finding some room in the conversation to add a few impersonations into the mix.

“I don’t believe in personalities. I believe that peace lies beyond personalities, beyond invention and disguise, beyond the red ‘S’ you wear on your chest, that makes bullets bounce off,” he said. He then went on to try to convince the reporter that he wasn’t really there.

“It’s not our world,” he said.

“None of this is real?” Sadler asked.

“We don’t matter,” Carrey said before walking away.

He never really did explain why he chose to spend the evening at an apparently pointless New York Fashion Week event, dressed in a standout blue, black and silver suit. But clips of the interview, which have been circulating on social media, have some people agreeing with the actor.

“During 2 massive hurricanes, wildfires, and the threat of North Korean nukes, Jim Carrey is all of us,” one Twitter user wrote Monday.