Escaping to sunny L.A. seems like a good idea right now.

Jimmy Fallon took his "Tonight Show" on the road this week, broadcasting from Los Angeles, the home of the "Tonight Show" for 42 years.

In the cold open of Monday's show, he explained why (in a tribute to "Fresh Prince," no less): "A couple of guys who were sick of the cold say that maybe I should take the show on the road."

Even though it's only Tuesday, Fallon has already dominated the Internet this week. In his first night in Los Angeles on Monday, he told viewers why he went to L.A. in the first place with a cold open tribute to "Fresh Prince," which even featured Alfonso Ribeiro dancing The Carlton.

Fallon also remixed Brian Williams as rapping "Who Am I?" on Monday night's show.

Fallon made a stop at the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix for a special show on Sunday after the Super Bowl, featuring a special lip sync-off with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.

Here in NYC, we'll still be singing "Since You've Been Gone" and shivering.