Don't look to Jon Stewart to crown the new king of "The Daily Show".

Apparently ambushed by an "Extra" camera crew, and asked who might succeed him, the Stewart said he had no idea -- and, what's more, it was unlikely he'd have much of a role in selecting his replacement.

"I don't think they let you do that. Do they let you do that? When you leave a job, you just get to pick whoever it is?" he joked. He speculated, "they're going to pick somebody about my size so they can save on the suits. I came in for (Craig) Kilborn and he was about six-five," requiring awkward impromptu alterations, Stewart said.

Unshaven, and looking fatigued under a baseball cap, Stewart said the date of his departure was still up in the air, but that he would stay at the helm "at least til July and maybe a little further," and that he was looking forward to finding out "who they end up picking."

He acknowledged that special guests may visit the set in his remaining months but said he was concentrating on going out in good form. "I just hope we're able to keep doing it well until the end. You don't want to get senioritis too bad and end up playing Ultimate Frisbee all day. So hopefully, I'll stay focused."