Justin Timberlake seeks couple who got engaged on LIRR to NYC

JT inspired by a very NYC romance.

A proposal on the Long Island Rail Road?

Justin Timberlake thinks the idea is romantic– so romantic, in fact, that it’s the basis of his newest music video, “Not a Bad Thing.”

And now, he’s searching for the real life couple who inspired him.

While debuting the video on her show Thursday, Ellen DeGeneres revealed that a man proposed to his girlfriend aboard a New York City-bound Babylon line LIRR train on the “crisp, cold Sunday night,” of Jan. 12, 2014 while playing JT’s hit tune. “It was a scene out of a movie,” the video voice-over says, showing people filming a documentary about finding the lovebirds.

“We don’t know who these people are or what their story is, but maybe you do,” it pleads.

Well, do you? Email haveyouseenthiscouple@gmail.com.

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