Canada-born Wendy Nichol's cult following has made her one of the most coveted designers working today.

In 1999, Nichol moved from Canada to New York, where she started a family and worked her way up in the business, launching her own fashion line in 2007.

Today, her jewelry, handbags and clothing draws celebrities and the fashion elite to her studio.

From her Sullivan Street store, fresh off her Fall 2015 ready-to-wear show earlier this week at New York Fashion Week, Nichol clues us in to her brand.

Q How did you get started in fashion?

A I worked for Joe Mimran at Club Monaco. I was a technical assistant and worked with the garments. I don't have a fashion background, but I started working in the fashion department immediately. When I started developing accessories, I just got it. I felt there was a whole world in accessories that didn't have to be decided on size and fit. Handbags and necklaces fit on everyone.

Q What did you take away from your Fall 2015 NYFW show?

A The lesson is to always get better. It takes time to perfect your art. It's a progression, people are with you and coming along for the ride. Every show is a learning experience. You never know what you are going to get in-between. I just focus on my vision.

Q How did you get a celebrity following?

A Recently a stylist came in before my show. Stylist Lysa Cooper said Beyoncé wore my dress in her "Drunk in Love" video. Lindsay Lohan came to my first ready-to-wear show. It got a lot of attention for the brand. Also the IMG models who walk in my shows have a massive following. When they find you, you know you are dressing the most beautiful and stylish women in the world. Jessica Alba has become a great friend and helped me a lot.

Q What inspired your hats?

A My fall show is called Queen of Thieves. It's always been about a balance between feminine and tough -- how to keep our special power as women. I fell deep into the [British TV] show "Peaky Blinders." I recreated the early 1900s gangster vibe.

Q What inspired your handbags?

A I like to introduce new materials. I don't want to just put something together with a sewing machine. I love practicality and luxury.

Q What did you think of showing in the tents?

A I was asked by IMG to show at the tents, but we both agreed that I need to build my space out. I even felt the gallery setting was so stark. I think showing at the tents isn't the right backdrop.

Q What comes first, your accessories or your dresses?

A It's always accessories. My jewelry and handbags come first.