Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really having twins?!

The week of Kardashian-Jenner surprises continues.

The week of Kardashian-Jenner surprises continues.

After Kim Kardashian revealed Sunday that she is pregnant, the New York Daily News is reporting that she and hubby Kanye West are expecting twins.

“Kim has told a handful of people that she had in vitro and that two eggs were fertilized,” said the Daily News’ “well-placed” source. “She is waiting to see if they both ‘stick’ before she makes any kind of announcement…She is waiting to get an OK from her doctor that both the fertilized eggs are healthy.”

When Kardashian West was pregnant with daughter North in 2013, she suffered from preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and delivered five weeks early. 

Tuesday morning, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star, 34, took to Twitter to complain about her morning sickness: “So f—–g sick today on all levels!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHH I can’t deal!!!!!!!!!! Praying I get through the day!”

amNewYork spoke to her at Monday night’s CFDA Awards at Lincoln Center, where she complained of “terrible morning sickness, day sickness, night sickness,” but did add that she is “so grateful to even be pregnant.”

“I feel like s–t but it’s so worth it and I don’t even care,” she said.