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Kimmy Schmidt should visit these NYC spots in season 3 of the Netflix series

The most enchanting part of Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” series is Kimmy’s never-ending positivity and joy. She often reacts to mundane situations with the excitement of someone who just won the lotto, making her even more delightful when she’s actually in an awesome situation.

The show was renewed for a third season about a year ago, but the release date (a.k.a. the date we will all lock ourselves in our rooms and binge-watch it for seven hours straight) has yet to be announced. So in the meantime, we racked our brains for some places around New York that we’d love to see Kimmy visit come season 3.

Here are some of the spots that would be fun for Kimmy to hit up when the show returns.

Macy's Herald Square to meet Santa

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Neilson Barnard

In "Kimmy Drives A Car!" (season 2, episode 6), Kimmy mentions that she believes in Santa -- which is a bit questionable, considering she was already in eighth grade when she got kidnapped and taken to the bunker. But after all, we do love Kimmy for her innocence, and it would be a hoot to see her meet Santa at Macy's in Herald Square.

The cafe from 'Friends'

Photo Credit: Sophie Hirsh

In "Kimmy is Bad at Math!" (season 1, episode 8), Kimmy and Dong dance in front of a fountain in Central Park, mistaking it for the iconic fountain from "Friends." However, a police officer interrupts to inform them that it is not the "Friends" fountain -- that one is in California, where the show was filmed. Any "Friends" fan like Kimmy would love to visit The Little Owl on the iconic corner of Bedford and Grove streets, where the fictional Central Perk stood.

'Hamilton' on Broadway

After sitting through Titus' controversial one-man show in
Photo Credit: Sophie Hirsh

After sitting through Titus' controversial one-man show in "Kimmy Goes to a Play!" (season 2, episode 3), Kimmy deserves a night out seeing a real Broadway musical. And since she missed out on a lot of education, "Hamilton" would be the perfect show for her (and all of us ... seriously, can we go with her?). Plus, her roomie already auditioned for the show.

'Sleep No More'

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Brian Killian

In "Kimmy Goes to a Hotel!" (season 2, episode 8), Kimmy and Dong embark on a romantic getaway to a seemingly abandoned Poconos hotel. The eery space is reminiscent of Chelsea's McKittrick Hotel, a.k.a. the set of "Sleep No More." Kimmy is no stranger to spookiness, thanks to her experiences in the bunker, and she would surely get a kick out of the interactive, "Macbeth"-inspired romp through the abandoned hotel set.

A Jerry Seinfeld set at the Beacon Theatre

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

In "Kimmy Drives A Car!" (season 2, episode 6), Kimmy does her best impression of Jerry Seinfeld standup, circa the early 1990s. While Seinfeld's schtick may have changed a bit since Kimmy's pre-bunker days, she would surely enjoy seeing him do a live set in the Upper West Side's Beacon Theatre.

The Museum of Sex

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Timothy A. Clary

In "Kimmy Meets a Celebrity!" (season 2, episode 11), it's casually revealed that Kimmy doesn't quite know where babies come from. And in a slew of other episodes, Kimmy has a pretty aggressive gut reaction to sex-related endeavors (almost every time she starts kissing a guy, she involuntarily clocks him over the head). We're thinking a visit to the Flatiron District's Museum of Sex would give her the education she needs.

Le Carrousel in Bryant Park

Photo Credit: Sophie Hirsh

In "Kimmy Goes Outside!" (season 1, episode 1), Kimmy literally says, "Wheee!" while riding the subway. Imagine how excited she'd be riding Bryant Park's beautiful carousel, something that actually warrants a "Wheee!" She'd probably scream with joy.

Yoga to the People

Photo Credit: iStock

In "Kimmy Rides a Bike!" (season 1, episode 11), Kimmy gets a little too into taking classes at SpiritCycle (a parody of SoulCycle, naturally). Perhaps the cult-like nature of spin class was too much for Kimmy, so it would be nice to see her attempt to relax in a more chill exercise environment like Yoga to the People.

The American Girl Place

We can't think of one adult who would
Photo Credit: Getty Images / Cindy Ord

We can't think of one adult who would love the American Girl Place on Fifth Avenue more than Kimmy. When she was kidnapped, dolls were just dolls. But at the American Girl Place, you can get your doll a makeover, electronically design her an outfit, have a fancy lunch with her, and more. It's basically a one-stop shop for everything your non-sentient doll could ever need, which would amaze Kimmy.

Rockaway Beach

After a 15-year Vitamin D deficiency, Kimmy sure
Photo Credit: Sophie Hirsh

After a 15-year Vitamin D deficiency, Kimmy sure could use a day in the sun. Queens' Rockaway Beach is free, accessible by subway, and full of sunshine.


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