KT Tunstall hits City Winery for folk-rock tour

There are a lot of fine pairings for a glass of wine, but for the month of August, perhaps the …

There are a lot of fine pairings for a glass of wine, but for the month of August, perhaps the best combination for your favorite chardonnay or Pinot Noir might be the music of KT Tunstall.

The Scottish-born singer-songwriter and guitarist — best known for her hit song “Suddenly I See” — will be touring through all of the City Winerys across the country, starting with a three-night stand tonight at the venue’s downtown location.

amNewYork spoke with Tunstall about the shows.

What inspired the City Winery tour?

I played a benefit for the Church Street School — an amazing music and arts school for kids in Manhattan — and ended up sitting next to Michael Dorf, the founder of City Winery. We got chatting, and I was saying that I’d heard really good things about the gigs at his venues. So we concocted a plan for a mini-tour.

Will this be an acoustic tour, or will it be more of a folk-rock experience?

Definitely folk rock! I really enjoy playing solo with my pedals. I can cover all different areas of my music and really mix it up.

What can fans expect to see on this tour that they haven’t seen from you in the past?

For fans who haven’t seen me solo, it’s really fun, as I am attempting to be a full band on my own. But it’s also really intimate and feels more like we are all in a living room rather than in a gig. I’ll be mixing up what I play each night, as I am doing multiple nights. I also bring a strong pant and shoe game to the stage, so be prepared.

You’ve done some soundtrack work recently. What movies have you worked on?

Yes. It’s been a lot of fun. I sang vocals on the most recent “Tinkerbell” movie, which I loved being a part of. I wrote “We Could Be Kings” with A.R. Rahman for “Million Dollar Arm,” as well as the closing credit song, “Miracle,” for the Warner Bros. movie, “Winter’s Tale.” I’m also working on a couple of film scores at the moment, which really excites me, as it’s a whole new creative area for me.

If You Go: KT Tunstall is at City Winery Tuesday through Thursday at 8 p.m. 155 Varick St., $32-$40, 212-608-0555.

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