Leaving Netflix: Shows, movies to watch while you still can

Better get bingeing.

Better get bingeing: Netflix is gearing up to break your heart this February by pulling a slew of must-watch shows and movies from its lineup.

Among the titles to get the boot is “Family Guy,” but the absence of the first eight seasons of the Seth MacFarlane sitcom makes room for new offerings, like “American Pie,” “Meet the Fockers” and “Goodfellas.”

Below, the four things you’ll want to add to your queue before it’s too late.

“Perfect Stranger” Leaving Feb. 1

Another one of those stranger/stalker flicks, journalist Rowena (Halle Berry) gets mixed up with the dangerous Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), who she suspects is responsible for the disappearance of a local woman. This drama has all the stuff suspense-lovers will enjoy: An affair gone wrong, an undercover journalist getting far too close to the crime and a manipulative plot drowning in secrets. 

“Family Guy” (Seasons 1-8) Leaving Feb. 14

If you were planning to spend Valentine’s Day with the Griffins, your evening is about to get a whole lot more depressing. The early seasons of Seth McFarlane’s animated series are getting the boot, but wishful thinking has us hoping that’ll only make room for the later ones.

“Before I Go To Sleep” Leaving Feb. 15

“Big Little Lies” fans who are left on the edge of their seasons awaiting the return of the miniseries will want to catch this 2014 flick starring Nicole Kidman. The actress stars as a woman who can’t remember anything and has to somehow figure out what’s going on in her mysterious (and dangerous) life before the day is done. 

“The Catch” (Season 1) – Leaving Feb. 28

This ABC thriller from Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers only got one season to tell the story of Los Angeles’ top private investigator (Mireille Enos) looking for a con man who ends up taking everything she owns. 

Meghan Giannotta