Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of “Hamilton,” announced the long-awaited “Hamilton Mixtape” Thursday, revealing the wide array of stars performing covers and remixes of songs both used and cut from the Pulitzer Prize-winning, blockbuster musical.

“Hello hello hello! Been working on a mixtape for years,” Miranda, 36, tweeted of the project first announced in June. “It’s finished. You can pre-order it TOMORROW. #HamiltonMixtape.” While some outlets have reported a Dec. 2 release date, citing an Amazon UK listing, no date appears on the album’s page there as of Thursday afternoon.

Shortly afterward he added, “But wait there’s more!” and posted a graphic of the album’s song list. The 23 tracks include nine songs unused in the Broadway production, including “No John Trumbull” by The Roots; “Washingtons” by Wiz Khalifa, and two by Miranda: “Valley Forge” and “Slavery Battle.”

Others contributing songs from the musical include Usher (“Wait For It”), Sia (“Satisfied,” feat. Miguel & Queen Latifah), Kelly Clarkson (“It’s Quiet Uptown”), Regina Spektor (“Dear Theodosia,” feat. Ben Folds), Ashanti (“Helpless,” feat. Ja Rule) and late-night talk-show host Jimmy Fallon, who joins The Roots on “You’ll Be Back.”

Responding to the immediate, appreciative outpouring on social media, Miranda tweeted, “I’m overwhelmed that you’re all so happy. I have been SITTING ON SO MANY SECRETS. Each artist on here is a dream come true.” Hours later, he added, “I’m just so happy you’re happy. We’ve all lost so much sleep making this for you. I don’t have words for this gratitude.”