Oh, snap! Not cool. Not cool at all.

Someone stole the beautiful, and might I add, super expensive pearl-encrusted gown that Lupita Nyong'o, 31, wore to the Academy Awards last Sunday night.

The hand-sewn Calvin Klein gown, valued at $150,000 was stolen from her room at the London West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles.

Officer John Mitchell, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, confirmed the news, saying that they "got a call from someone at the London Hotel about a high value dress that was stolen from a hotel room."

Authorities believe the dress was stolen on Tuesday, and a source told the New York Daily News that Nyong'o's large entourage had access to the room. However, when she tried to file a police report herself, she was unable to do so, because she does not technically own the dress; Calvin Klein does.

'Fess up, whoever did this. No one messes with Lupita.