Macy Gray is tackling gun control, Donald Trump and a number of political issues in her new holiday song, “All I Want for Christmas.”

The soul singer, known for her hits “I Try” and “Come Save the World with Me,” released the single on YouTube on Thursday. In it, she calls on Santa to help her achieve her big dream of saving the world.

“Presents and toys are fine, but I got bigger things in mind,” an animated Gray sings in the lyric video. With the voices of children singing along, Gray knocks off her list of heavy requests including gun control, homes for the homeless, free health care and an end to global warming.

But, Gray’s song suggests that a little Christmas magic isn’t the only thing the world needs to achieve these goals. She also adds in her political opinions toward the end of the tune.

“No matter what they say, Barack you did real good,” she sings, adding that she hopes his “successor does the things he or she should” while in office.

Gray doesn’t seem to think Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, has what it takes to carry out her wish list though.

“That Mr. Trump he’s an entertaining guy, but let’s face it, really is he qualified?” she says.

Gray also posted the song on her Facebook page, asking fans to share something that’s on their holiday list that money can’t buy. Empathy, selflessness and world peace were among the commented replies.