Talk about a falling star!

Madonna took a tumble backward off the stage at the 02 Arena in London, crashing down three stairs, just as she began singing "Living for Love" at the Brit Awards last night.

Backup dancers quickly helped the superstar up and she went on with the show to applause.

"She appeared to be struggling to take off the cloak, and when a dancer at the bottom tried to whip it away he took Madonna with it," reported British newspaper The Telegraph.

On social media, fans praised Madonna's gumption, professionalism and drive, and questioned the fate of the backup dancer who apparently tugged too hard on the cape. Madge weighed in too, posting a picture of the offending garment on Twitter and Instagram: "Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine! ??#livingforlove," she assured fans.