“I just need a couple minutes in a bush to get it together.”
— Melissa McCarthy, after spending a morning in Manhattan traffic dressed as Sean Spicer. 

NBC released outtakes from last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” — featuring McCarthy riding a motorized replica of Spicer’s podium near Columbus Circle — and the bloopers might be even better than the actual sketch. The two-minute clip was posted to “SNL’s” YouTube account Tuesday night. 

McCarthy (as Spicey) showed up in midtown unannounced with a filming crew early Friday morning, a move that left several passersby and local reporters surprised to see the comedian holding up traffic. The skit featured Spicey en route to Trump Tower to locate the president. 

The behind-the-scenes clip shows some of the obstacles McCarthy and the crew ran into while filming: several honking car horns (“Learn how to drive!”); street vendor hot dogs getting in the way; people recognizing the comedian through her press secretary disguise ("We love you, Melissa!”); and the glare of a noon sun (“Oh god, I’m roastin’ in the sun!”). 

Oh, the things Spicey will go through to make it to Trump. Spoiler: The president wasn’t even at Trump Tower, and asking any New Yorker of his whereabouts could have easily saved Spicey the grueling trip. 

While it’s rare for NBC to release “SNL” outtakes, it’s the second time the network has given viewers an exclusive look at McCarthy’s process. A promo for McCarthy’s episode, shared on May 10, showed the comedian getting into character behind the scenes.