"So what do I put on this morning?" Ellen DeGeneres is said to wonder almost daily.

Soon there will be an answer. A first look at her new ED line debuted Tuesday at Splashlight Studios in Manhattan. It's a fun mix of decidedly Ellen-inspired looks -- lots of great jackets, woven shirts, pants and, of course, her fave hoodies. Oh, and bombers -- Ellen calls them the new blazers.

Interesting touches include the word "love" printed under collars or in linings of some of the jackets. A tiny goat logo shows up on some of the items, and her love of animals further manifests in tiny pins (pigs, dogs, elephants) that can adorn a lapel or a baseball cap and some great hand-printed animal tees.

It all goes online late June or early July at edbyellendegeneres.com, with prices starting around $40 for tees, $150 for sweaters, $175 for jackets.

And this is sweet: The label's name, ED, is Portia de Rossi's long-standing term of endearment for her wife.