Chris D’Elia is best known for his roles on the NBC sitcoms “Undateable” and “Whitney.” Yet despite his success on the small screen, he still considers himself a stand-up comedian first.

“Acting comes when it comes,” he says. “[Stand-up] is really who I am.”

With “Undateable” recently cancelled after its third season, D’Elia is bringing a new hour of stand-up to the New York Comedy Festival at the Beacon Theatre.


Do you get something different out of acting versus doing stand-up?

With acting, you get a little bit of a version of what it feels like, but stand-up is its purest form. Stand-up is the thing I feel most satisfied with.


Why is that?

It’s just me up there. I can say whatever I want and no one can edit it.


Were you surprised that “Undateable” wasn’t renewed for another season?

Nah. It was always one of those bubble shows. People aren’t really watching TV unless it’s online. I wasn’t too surprised. I was happy with its run, but three seasons is enough for me.


What can people expect from your New York Comedy Festival show?

It’s a lot of me being 36 and how I feel as a man. That I’m an adult now, and the trials and tribulations, so to speak, of that.


What other projects do you have coming up?

I’m going to do another special coming up. I’m going to do a lot of touring, and I’m going to pitch a new TV show before the end of year. I don’t know what yet. I’m meeting with different writers, batting around ideas.