Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys arrested after bar fight in Florida

Witnesses say Carter was “heavily intoxicated.”

Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter was in jail in Key West, Florida, Thursday morning following an altercation at a bar in the resort town.

According to a Key West Police Dept. incident report, Carter, who turns 36 on Jan. 28, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge after a fight with Skylar Carden, a bouncer at the popular Hog’s Breath Saloon. A relative of Carter’s, Michael Papayans, 27, was arrested on the same charge for fighting with bar manager Matthew Stecher.

Witnesses said Carter and Papayans entered the tavern “heavily intoxicated,” and a bartender refused to serve them. The two then became “agitated and aggressive” toward him. Per the arresting officer’s account of a security video, “Carter and Papayans were asked to leave multiple times,” but were “uncooperative and security was forced to escort them out.” At the front door, one of them threw a punch at a bouncer.

“Bouncers restrained both individuals and released them after both agreed to calm down,” the officer said. “Carter and Papayans continued to block the entrance and argue with staff, until Carter threw “what appeared to be a punch” at Carden. “Security detained both individuals until I arrived on scene.”

One witness said Carden “extended his arms in an attempt to get Carter out of his face. Carter grabbed him by the throat,” leading other bouncers to take the singer to the ground.

Stecher told police Papayans took off his shirt and head-butted him on the chin.

Carter’s representative did not respond to Newday’s request for comment.

In June 2005, Carter pleaded guilty to DUI in Orange County, California, and was fined approximately $1,200 and ordered to attend a three-month program for alcohol abuse.

A bail hearing was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Frank Lovece