“Drinking Buddies” co-stars Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson are ready to revisit the comedy/drama that saw them fall in love in a Chicago microbrewery nearly four years after its 2013 release. Wilde, who played Kate, has been “preparing diligently” for the potential role, the actress tweeted on Monday.

Talk of the unofficial sequel was sparked by a fan, who asked Johnson (Luke) on Sunday if he had any future plans to work alongside Wilde.

“I’d love to work with Olivia again. She’s incredibly talented and smart,” the “New Girl” actor replied.

Wilde hopped on board with an eager “Yes!” and even offered up a potential title, “Drinking Buddies 2: Older and Drunker,” making it that much easier on the writers.

Wilde and Johnson played co-workers who had a blatantly obvious attraction to each other, even though they were both in relationships — Kate with Chris (Ron Livingston); Luke with Jill (Anna Kendrick). The film, which was entirely improvised, emphasized the real-life dynamic between the actors.

Fans eager to see the on-screen couple together again flooded Wilde and Johnson’s tweets with encouraging replies.

“Your chemistry was ON FIRE, so I’m ALL for it,” one Twitter user wrote.