Oscars 2016: Stacey Dash makes cameo at Academy Awards, says ‘Happy Black History Month’

Stacey Dash baffled Oscars viewers when she made an unexpected appearance at the Academy Awards.

Chris Rock introduced the Fox News contributor and “Clueless” star as the Academy’s “new director of the minority outreach program.”

“I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month,” she said before exiting the stage.

Dash made headlines back in January when she said on Fox News that there shouldn’t be a Black History Month.

“We’re Americans. Period. That’s it,” she said at the time.

Dash published a blog post shortly after her Oscars appearance.

“We need to stop complaining about white people oppressing us, we shouldn’t boycott the Oscars, and we need to support Chris Rock the host,” she wrote.

She continued, “When they added ME to increase the diversity, I’m sure many black people rolled their eyes. I’m not ‘black enough,’ they say. But guess what? I’ve heard that all my life. I would rather be a free thinking black than a cookie cutter black who thinks — and votes — just like all my friends.”