Imagine innocently embarking on a Hollywood bus tour and ending up at the Oscars.

That actually happened Sunday night to a group of the luckiest Los Angeles tourists ever.

Host Jimmy Kimmel revealed his planned prank near the beginning of the ceremony, telling the audience that a group of unsuspecting tourists who thought they were on their way to an exhibit of Oscar fashion would actually be led inside the Dolby Theatre to be faced with, well, Oscar fashion, except on real-life celebrities.

It couldn't have gone better, as Kimmel introduced the shell-shocked group to stars including Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Jennifer Aniston, who handed over her sunglasses. (Look for those tomorrow on eBay.) But Kimmel, naturally, skipped over Matt Damon, telling the tourists, "You don't need to know that jerk."

The biggest highlight: An engaged couple came face-to-face with Denzel Washington (the bride-to-be's favorite actor, she said), who presided over a shotgun "wedding," telling them, "You may now kiss the bride."

"It's Denzel, so it's legal," Kimmel quipped.