Popular ‘Golden Girls’ puppet parody stage show to stream new episodes on Broadway On Demand

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Photos courtesy of “That Golden Girls Show!”

Thank you for being a friend — take a trip down memory lane by enjoying an iconic television series with an unexpected twist.

“That Golden Girls Show! A Puppet Parody” pays homage to the original series “Golden Girls” but instead of traditional acting, puppets take the stage to act out the storylines.

Starting on Sept. 14, “That Golden Girls Show!” will stream 16 new original episodes on Broadway On Demand, which is available at broadwayondemand.com or on apps for iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. 

Created and directed by Jonathan Rockefeller, “That Golden Girl Show!” originally debuted as a live stage production in New York City in 2016. The show got rave reviews, including one from our sister publication Gay City News, who said that show was “Classy and sassy, a laugh-out-loud parody” and a “zany romp down memory lane with Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia.”

“These unprecedented and challenging times allowed us a unique opportunity to pivot and create new digital content that we are very excited to share,” said Rockefeller. “We all need a good laugh right now, and what better way than to create 16 brand-new, original episodes of That Golden Girl Show! A Puppet Parody.  We are thankful to Broadway On Demand for enabling us to bring these episodes into households around the country.” 

All 16 episodes are chocked full of humor, wit, cheesecake, shoulder pads, sex, men, get-rich-quick schemes, and so much more. The cast includes Ashley Brooke as Sophia, Cat Greenfield as Blanche, Michael LaMasa as Dorothy, and Kirsty Moon as Rose, with Rockefeller Productions creating the puppets.

“That Golden Girl Show!” is produced by Rockefeller, Sean Cercone, Ken Dingledine, and Jeffery Keilholtz. The episodes are written by Doug Kmiotek, with puppets directed by Michael Hull. Original music for the episodes, including that inspired by the opening theme, was created by Nate Edmondson and David Goldstein designed the sets. The production team includes Kevin Guzewich (cinematographer/editor), Nicole Maupin (sound mixer), and  Ash Knowlton (supervising sound editor).

For more information, visit thatgoldengirlsshow.com or follow “That Golden Girls Show!” on Facebook and Instagram.

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