Rev Run and Justine Simmons set to star in new Netflix series

The Run-D.M.C. star and his wife will play fictionalized version of themselves in “All About the Washingtons.”

Whose premium streaming service? Run’s premium streaming service.

Netflix has announced a new scripted comedy, “All About the Washingtons,” created by Jeremy Bronson (“The Mayor”) and starring founding Run-D.M.C. member Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and his wife, Justine Simmons.

“Time has been treating your mamma’s favorite rapper well, but I must admit I miss the adventure of tackling new challenges,” Run said in Netflix’s series announcement. “So I’m here to let y’all know, something big is coming.”

The couple will portray fictionalized versions of themselves, Joey and Justine Washington, raising a family of four kids after Joey retires from his rap career. The duo’s kids will be portrayed by Kiana Ledé (“Scream: The TV Series”), Nathan Anderson (“Black-ish”), Maceo Smedley (“Cloak and Dagger”), and relative newcomer Leah Rose Randall. Andrew Reich (“Friends”) will serve as showrunner, alongside executive-producers Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank from Amblin Television and Michael Lehman of Simmons Lehman Productions.

“I play a rapper who’s trying to retire while his wife, played by my wife Justine, is trying to take over the world with her inventions, so that creates the comedy,” Run told Independent. “I’m looking forward to sharing it with the world. If you remember ‘Run’s House,’ it’s something like that, but it’s scripted comedy.”

“Run’s House” reignited the rapper’s public profile when it debuted in 2005. The reality show ran for six seasons on MTV, introducing the world to Run’s family and garnering the hip-hop icon a brand-new type of stardom.

“All About the Washingtons” is set to debut on Netflix August 10.

Vinnie Mancuso