Robert De Niro tries Snapchat for the first time at Tribeca, dons dog filter, flower crown

The annual Tribeca Film Festival marks a busy week for Robert De Niro, but the co-founder squeezed in a little time to learn how to use Snapchat. 

Being that the Tribeca Snapchat Shorts category is now in its second year, it was only a matter of time before the 73-year-old De Niro (who is not a current Snapchatter) experimented with the app. One of the Snapchat shorts category finalists, Alex Berry, took a shot at teaching the New Yorker what the disappearing selfie app is all about. The festival released a video clip of the lesson on Thursday. 

De Niro seemed pretty amused as he tried out the puppy and grumpy face filters. He even donned a trendy flower crown.

Does this mean the “Taxi Driver” actor will be joining the app any time soon? 

No word yet, but we’re holding out for a clip of De Niro trying out his classic “You talkin’ to me?” line with the bunny filter. 

The Tribeca Film Festival runs through April 30.