Rockettes’ summer show ‘New York Spectacular’ brings the city to life

The show is about a family coming to New York City and getting separated.

The Rockettes are bringing the city to life at Radio City Music Hall this summer.

“New York Spectacular” is a show about a family coming to New York City and getting separated.

City sites and statues come alive and join the Rockettes to help the kids reunite with their parents.

The Rockettes also personify some of those sites, including flowers in Central Park and electricity in the Times Square signs.

“It’s like a major tour of New York,” said Rockette Tiffany Billings. “Once you leave the show, you’ll look at the city in a different way.”

The show is directed and choreographed by Mia Michaels from “So You Think You Can Dance.” While her style is more contemporary, Michaels said she hasn’t changed the Rockettes’ brand.

“I infused into the world of the Rockettes,” she said. “For some fun and really strange reason, it worked.”

The contemporary choreography has challenged Billings and helped her grow as an artist. She said Michaels has been a great director for the show.

“She’s really bringing her vision to life on the stage,” said Billings. “When you come to the show you feel like you’re actually part of it.”

Part of Michaels’ vision for the show is for the audience to see New York through a different lens. She said “New York Spectacular” is a celebration of the city, which New Yorkers can sometimes take for granted.

“It’s like seeing New York City through the eyes of a child for the first time — seeing it for the magic and the power and excitement that New York has.”

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