Well, we didn't see that coming. Wait, I guess we did: Rosie O''Donnell has quit "The View." 

 In a late Friday announcement, ABC and O'Donnell's reps said she was leaving the program — struggling with diminished ratings and diminished buzz. 

 Next week will be her last.

 The statement: 

"Rosie is an immensely talented star who comes in each and every morning brimming with ideas, excitement and passion for the show,” ABC News said in a statement. “When she told us that she wanted to exit The View, we respected and understood her desire to put her well-being and her family first. We’re delighted she’s still part of the ABC family with upcoming guest appearances on The Fosters. And we know she’ll return to The View often with her unique point of view and updates on her work and her family.”

Rumors — which is to say TMZ reports — of O'Donnell feuds with her various co-hosts have been fairly consistent, or almost since the moment she rejoined the show last fall. 

O'Donnell's representative further explained in a statement: “Rosie and her wife Michelle split in November. Rosie has teens and an infant at home that need her attention."

O'Donnell replaced Meredith Vieira on "The View" in 2006, precipitating a colorful and controversial run, when she battled with her co-hosts, and — more ominously — show founder and executive producer, Barbara Walters. But O'Donnell also generated headlines, and almost incessant TV tabloid coverage. She left just after a year.

Meanwhile, Rosie Perez — who also joined the show last fall as part of an almost complete cast overhaul — had been rumored to leave the program. 

 As one tabloid report waggishly noted earlier Friday evening, "Wrong Rosie."