‘Seinfeld’ Monk’s Cafe coming to No. 7 train!

Starting May 12, an entire train will be like Monk’s for a month.

Elaine’s description of a delayed subway car — “We are in a cage” — might have fit on the third season of Seinfeld. But it won’t for real-life straphangers beginning May 12, at least not on one No. 7 train.

Both the interior and exterior of all 11 cars on that train have been made over to look like Monk’s Cafe, the Seinfeld characters’ favorite hangout. Sponsored by Sony Pictures Television, the monthlong initiative commemorates the show’s return to the 11 p.m. time slot on WPIX-TV.

Still in a bad mood despite commuting on the Seinfeld train? Do us a favor and put the kibosh on it.

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