‘Serial’ fans: Get your fix on the podcast’s week off

Everyone’s pretty bummed there’s no new ‘Serial’ this week — here’s how to compensate.

An entire week without a new episode of “Serial”?! What will we do?

While the question of Adnan Syed’s guilt will probably be passionately discussed around Thanksgiving tables everywhere, yet another seven days to wait for the next installment of the story will be tough. For the Netflix binge-watching generation, it may be tortuous. Here are a few ways to pull through during this “Serial”-less week.


1. Listen to “Serial Ball”

This “Funny or Die” Miley Cyrus and podcast theme mash-up is so much more enticing than premature Christmas carols. Make it your ringtone, play it during your Thanksgiving feast, cover it as a live performance for grandma.


2. Narrate your Thanksgiving dinner like Sarah Koening

What is a turkey? Why are we having turkey? At what time did this turkey come out of the oven? How long did it take to get the turkey to the table? What if we walked faster? Slower? As I sink my teeth into this delicious dark meat soaked with gravy, I have to ask: who killed this turkey, and why?


3. Email friends and family a Thanksgiving e-card using MailChimp

Or just use it to give some high fives.


4. Enjoy this silly “Serial” spoof

“Does what I’m about to show you today make sense? No… But I’m going to show you anyway because I had to make an episode.”


5. Become a part of the “Serial” commmunity

It’s OK, you’re officially hooked. Discuss the episodes on Reddit, write some Hae Min Lee fan fiction, cast “Serial”: The Movie


6. Get a head start on your holiday shopping by donating to “Serial.”

How excited will friends and family be when they open holiday cards only to discover you invested in a second season of “Serial” on their behalf? SO. HAPPY. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving. Most weeks.


7. Test your “Serial” knowledge

Take this New York magazine quiz or maybe attempt your own. Hey, maybe you can crack the case before Sarah does!


8. Get hooked on another podcast.

Slate’s “Serial” podcast counts.


9. Enjoy a bowl of cereal

Admit it, that’s what you thought this podcast was really about

Melissa Kravitz